Going to the Lesson

-Plan to arrive a few minutes early to get situated and start your lesson on time.
-Park on the gravel strip by the driveway.  Please ensure there is enough room for two cars on the strip.  Please do not block the driveway.
-If there are 2 cars on the gravel strip, you may park on the left side of the driveway.
-Enter through the side door.  This is the studio entrance.  There is no need to knock.
-Wait quietly in the waiting area before your lesson.  Be considerate of the lesson taking place before you, or the teacher’s practicing!
-Materials needed at every lesson:
         -3-ring binder for student
         -Notepad or recording device for parent
         -Any books or materials the teacher has specified

Arriving at the Lesson

-Take off shoes.
-Use the restroom before the lesson begins.
-Take out the violin in the waiting room.  You may leave the case in the waiting room.  Parents, please get the violin ready for young students (7 and younger).
-Silence cell phone and put it away during the lesson.  If recording or taking notes with cell phone, refrain from texting,  phone calls, facebook, internet, watching cat videos…

Parents: During the Lesson, only one teacher at a time.

-Take notes and video clips as needed
-Know it will take some time for your child to understand a concept.  Resist the temptation to direct or critique the child.  Let them find their way.
-Practice silence in observing your child’s learning process.  Please do not speak unless the teacher specifies otherwise.
-Do not repeat directions, instruct the child, or attempt to supplement the teacher’s directions verbally or with gestures.

After the Lesson

-Pack up and leave promptly so the next lesson can start on time.  Parents, please pack up the violin for young students.


I highly recommend reading “Helping Parents Practice” by Ed Sprunger 

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