Student Handbook

Welcome to my violin studio! Please read this handbook carefully.  Happy practicing!


Prospective students should contact me for a preliminary lesson and interview.  The preliminary lesson is an opportunity to see if there is a good fit between the student, parent, and teacher.   It lasts 45-60 minutes and includes a full lesson (length depends on age and ability) and time for discussion and questions.  The preliminary lesson is not a guarantee of enrollment.  The cost of the preliminary lesson is $50.

After the preliminary lesson, I will decide if a spot in the studio (or a spot on the waitlist) will be given to the student. Important factors in my decision include: commitment to regular practice, understanding of my policies, and a genuine willingness to learn.

Experienced students should prepare a scale and an excerpt of their current piece.  Regardless of the student’s age, a parent or guardian must sit in on the preliminary lesson.

TERM DATES & TUITION- Includes weekly lessons and quarterly performances and recitals.  

Fall 2019: September 4-December 19, 2019 (16 lesson weeks)
No Lessons Nov 11 for Veterans Day*
No Lessons Wednesday & Thursday, Nov 27&28 for Thanksgiving*
30’: $755
45’: $1105
60’: $1475
75′: $1840
90′: $2210

Winter 2020: January 6-April 9, 2020 (13 lesson weeks)
No Lessons Jan 20 for MLK Day*
No Lessons Feb 17-21 for Mid-Winter Break*
30’: $615
45’: $925
60’: $1235
75′: $1545
90′: $1845

Spring 2020: April 20-June 12, 2020 (9 lesson weeks)
No Lessons May 25 for Memorial Day*
30’: $425
45’: $640
60’: $855
75′: $1070
90′: $1280

*Tuition will be prorated accordingly for holidays

-Students may pay by online bank transfer, check (payable to Kam Violin Studio), cash, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% processing fee.
-Please note that tuition is subject to increase each school year (based on inflation, recital rental and pianist fees, etc.).
-Kam Violin Studio will not continue lessons if full payment is not received by the end of the second week of the term. Lessons cancelled to due late payment will not be made up.
-Students may need to upgrade to longer lesson times during the term. Upon upgrading, students will pay Kam Violin Studio the prorated difference in tuition cost.
-Tuition will be pro-rated for students who join the studio after the term has started.
-A late fee of $15 will be automatically added to tuition that is 14 days past due


All students enrolled in Kam Violin Studio will participate in weekly private lessons.  They will also participate in quarterly studio classes, dress rehearsals, and recitals.

Studio Class: Sectioned class where students perform and have a masterclass (mini lesson with me) in front of studio peers and their families. Sometimes integrated with group activities.  A great learning opportunity for each performer and audience member!  Students do not stay for the entire duration of performance class. If you are unsure which time you should come, just ask!

Performance Share: Pot-latch style get-together where students perform in a casual setting. Students who have pieces prepared may sign up.

Dress Rehearsal: Down to business!  Run-throughs and quick rehearsal with studio pianist.

Recital: Formal Performance.

All students are required to stay for the entire recital.  

The studio schedule is listed here:

Email reminders are issued, but please plan ahead and mark these dates in your calendar.

EXPECTATIONS OF PARENTS: You are learning too!
It is expected that parents of young beginning students will attend private lessons and practice with his/her child every day.  Parents need to be be actively involved in the learning process, taking notes during lessons and following through on new skills in daily practice. Positive encouragement and parental involvement is essential to the student’s progress. It is the parent’s responsibility to establish a daily practice routine for their child. The parent is the student’s “at-home teacher”.

Kam Violin Studio asks parents not to interfere with the learning process by distracting students or interrupting the teacher while lessons are taking place. Resist the temptation to instruct or correct the child during the lesson.

As the student progresses and matures, the teacher will inform the parent as less parental involvement is needed.


  • Email is the best form of contact for all studio-related matters, including scheduling.
  • Families may text Angie only if they are running late to a lesson, or need to suddenly cancel due to illness and family emergency.
    • Do not text Angie past 8pm
    • Do not text Angie in the morning or in the middle of the night. Use email.
  • Angie is always happy to schedule phone meetings and in-person conferences with parents.


Students must come prepared to every lesson by reviewing and practicing their current repertoire and assigned material from the previous lesson.  Students who do not practice will not continue lessons.  Detailed practice procedures will be to the discretion of the teacher.

Students should label music clearly with correct fingerings, bowings, and unfamiliar term definitions.  Students must come to each lesson with their instrument, music, and notebook or recording device.  Student who forget their instrument or music may be sent home, in which case no makeup lesson will be granted.

Year-round study is imperative for student progress. Students who do not take summer lessons or do not attend music festivals and camps will forfeit their lesson slot for the fall term.  Reserving a spot in the studio thereafter is not guaranteed.

Being a violinist means having short fingernails. Students must keep fingernails cleans and clipped. Long fingernails are not acceptable. If your fingernails touch the strings when you are in proper playing position, they are too long!

Kam Violin Studio will pay for pianists required at group classes and studio recitals.  It is the student’s responsibility to pay pianists for private lessons, rehearsals, solo recitals, and extra-curricular activities.

Kam Violin Studio does not provide or perform repairs on instruments.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain an instrument to use for the term.  Angie recommends several violin shops in the area, which provide students with instrument rentals and sales, accessories, and adjustments.

Students are expected to purchase their own sheet music. Upon starting lessons, Angie will provide students with a list of projected repertoire assignments and method books.  Please be prompt in purchasing your books and music.  There are several online music stores that ship in less than a week.

Students must also have a 3-ring binder at every lesson.

Angie operates her studio out of her home. Please treat the space with the same respect that you would treat your own. Be mindful of furniture, bathroom, and personal belongings.  Families will pay for any damages they cause to Angie’s home or belongings.

Parents, please supervise younger siblings. Accompany young ones to the restroom. Siblings are welcome to bring coloring books and toys to the waiting room. There is also a park with a playground right around the corner by Hunts Point Town Hall.  Visitors and siblings are allowed to sit in on lessons as song as they are not distracting.

Weekly lessons are to be scheduled at the beginning of the term. Private lessons take place Monday-Thursday afternoons and evenings. There are no private lessons on weekends.

New students may only reserve a lesson time after they have completed a preliminary lesson, returned a signed student handbook agreement, and paid tuition.


Angie has a completely full teaching and performing schedule, making it incredibly difficult to reschedule lessons.  By reserving a time for the term, you have committed to a weekly lesson time for you and nobody else.  Students must make every effort to come to their lesson.  Makeup lessons are never guaranteed.  Cancellation does not exempt the student from payment as contracted (no refunds)

If you want to reschedule a lesson in advance, you can try looking online for an open time, or try swapping with another student.  Please see Angie’s policies regarding switching lessons on the Parent and Student Portal page.

Lessons missed due to inclement weather, illness, and family emergency will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  (Please do not let your child attend a lesson while sick!)

If Angie cancels a lesson due to illness or schedule conflicts, the lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time, or the lesson will be credited to next term’s tuition. If a student misses a makeup lesson, a second lesson will not be arranged.

In the case of missed lessons, Angie will not initiate makeup lesson scheduling. It is the student and family’s responsibility to switch lessons with other families or check for openings on the online calendar. In the case of illness, it is the family’s responsibility to request a possible makeup lesson.


Students are expected to arrive on time for lessons and classes. Angie will wait 15 minutes before assuming that a student will not be attending a private lesson. Makeup time cannot be guaranteed if a student is late.

If Angie is late for a lesson, the missed time will be made up.

If the student has a health condition which might jeopardize the health of Kam Violin Studio teachers and students, the student and his/her family are asked to take all responsible precautions to prevent the spread of disease. This may include canceling a lesson or missing group class and keeping the student at home.  In the case of illness, it is the family’s responsibility to request a possible makeup lesson.

Students who wish to withdraw from the program must notify Kam Violin Studio in writing. Students who discontinue lessons and do not provide written notification of withdrawal will not receive a refund.

By signing up for lessons, students have made a commitment and reserved a time slot for the entire term.  Students who withdraw from Kam Violin Studio during the term will receive a prorated tuition refund, minus a 25% processing fee.

Angie reserves the right to dismiss any student due to lack of interest or progress, gross displays of disrespect, frequent absence or tardiness, behavior problems, delinquency in payment of fees, or failure to abide by the policy. If students are dismissed from the studio, lessons end immediately.  Students who are dismissed from the studio will not receive a refund.

This handbook is a point of departure, outlining student and teacher obligations.  Exceptional circumstances can be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Kam Violin Studio reserves the right to change any program, policy, or regulation in this handbook. The most recently updated handbook available on the studio website.

By enrolling in the studio, the family and student acknowledges and agrees to the terms in this handbook.  


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