Angie’s teaching approach is deeply rooted in the methods of Shinichi Suzuki, Paul Roland, Ivan Galamian, and Mimi Zweig.  She encourages tenacity, organization, and consistency–all great skills for every child in music and in life.

Sharing music with loved ones is a rewarding experience. Students have many opportunities to perform for family and friends.  Performance classes and student recitals help build a supportive community within the studio. Students participate in weekly private lessons, quarterly performance classes, and recitals.

Important Considerations

  • Angie emphasizes exceptional technique, proper posture, and a beautiful sound over all else.  She does not blow through repertoire quickly.  If you are looking to pass through the Suzuki books in lighting speed, or to work on only school orchestra music, this is not the studio for you.  In the words of Ed Sprunger, if your child is a beginner, expect to move at a glacial pace!
  • In addition to standard repertoire, advancing students become proficient in etudes, scales and arpeggios, and supplemental pieces.  See Angie’s repertoire guidelines from the Indiana String Academy here.
  • Playing a stringed instrument is not easy.  In particular, violin is ridiculously challenging.  It requires practice and hard work, and it will become frustrating at times.  Working through the frustration makes it a rewarding and fulfilling experience.
  • Lessons encourage creativity and expression.  They also facilitate efficient practice techniques and problem-solving skills.
  • Parents of young students (typically ages 13 and younger) should expect to sit in on all lessons and help their child practice at home every day.  While in lessons, parents must resist instructing or correcting the child.
  • For young children, it is the parent’s responsibility to establish a practice routine at home.   Angie shows parents how to practice with their child in lessons.

Policies & Information

For more information on policies, curriculum, rates, and all the fine print, please view the student handbook